Sunday, August 16, 2009

melbourne bar fun

I know it's been a while. Shocking. Where are all my high principles of being suching a diligent blogger? Between work & home emails and then facebook, the time gets away. In Hooping news - has been happening for me mainly in the living room and I am excited about working on a project to get some collapsible hoops happening. More on that later.

Melbourne in winter seems to say - let's go snuggle up in all the amazing bars and pubs on offer. Here is an adventure on the 79 tram I had one night with Reuben. The 79 tram is one of the old style, wooden floor trams that clatters it's way from Carlisle st in East St Kilda to Victoria st in North Richmond. It started when we went to visit Reuben's cousin who just had brand new baby Bi'lal! He is a gorgeous little baby who was super snuggly and sweet. Those guys live in East St Kilda , so when we left we decided to have a beverage at the Local Taphouse

We then caught the said 79 tram up Chapel st to Richmond where we decided to treat ourselves to a drink at one of Melbourne's top, award winning bars - Der Raum!
It was expensive, yes, but - Oh. My. God. BEST margarita ever!
I love margarita's. They are MY signature drink. They are also my achilles heel because I can't stop once I've begun my lime fiesta fun. I always tend to judge a place on how well they can do their margarita. At Der Raum, mine came served with a glass of sea foam for salt, (yes actual salty foam) an eye dropper of fresh lime juice to adjust personal sour preference and the main drink came in like a soda siphon that gently froze the drink as I squeezed it out of the siphon. Amazing. And top grade tequila of course. Der Raum is famous for it's amazing mixology, rare and top shelf alcohol and all the bottles hanging from the ceiling on occy straps! Excuse the blurry photo but I had no stand for the candle mode it was in.

After that we went to the new tiki bar up the road. Lovely space and though their Margarita was good - it just couldn't beat the one I had at Der Raum. I'd love to have a go DJing at the Tiki bar though. Break out the cocktail tunes and the hoop! It'd be a hoot!

Back on the 79 tram we went to head to Victoria st in Nth Richmond, which is a big Vietnamese area full of yummy restaurants. We went to meet our friend Sandy first for some drinks at the Vic Bar before heading off to eat at Minh Minh

As you can see it all got a bit messy - the rest of the night is a blur with many more bars visited and my camera ended up in the sink at one stage. Thank goodness it works still! Melbourne has so many great bars and restaurants. This is just a little adventure in that big playground.

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