Monday, December 14, 2009


I want to thank everyone who has given me such lovely compliments on my hoops at CERES markets and the J studio fundraiser markets. It was great to meet a wider community of hoop lovers, teach new people and also provide hoops to lots of happy little people and also a few adults. Much joy to you all with your hoops!

I love making the hoops, playing with colour and form. It's been great to have some repeat customers, whose children have been having so much fun with the hoops they've come back for more and passed onto others.

No one has yet bought a collapsible hoop though! I will included a video demo of my twisty, fold up travel hoops soon.

I've met people who have told me other places where you can learn hooping in Melbourne. Puzzle Dust circus is one. There's also a new mothers one based in Thornbury as well. I look forward to checking them out further.

I am off to Japan for the next 4 weeks and will be back in time to go to Rainbow Serpent festival where not only will there be a super hooper from Boston, I also will be running the hoop jam once again.

Until then - have a great silly season. xxx