Thursday, September 3, 2009

Spring cleanse!

The jasmine is blooming and perfumes the air. The mornings are bright and sunny and that indefinable quality of the sky and air are present and MY favourite - the days are getting longer!!!! SPRING!!!!!

Here it is Spring again and this spring is my hooping and yoga cleanse season. I am dedicating myself to a better way of life that calls me. This time I am stepping up.I know I can do this. I allow myself to suceed! I am sloughing off the old, reaching out for a better way of living for myself. I am spring bud, clean and new ready to flourish in the sun!
Inspired by myself hooping it up at the beach last weekend at Wye River and the goodness at the recent bootcamp month at

here from the Queen of hoops is some advice on setting up a practice Cristabel Zamor

off to yoga now.

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