Monday, December 14, 2009


I want to thank everyone who has given me such lovely compliments on my hoops at CERES markets and the J studio fundraiser markets. It was great to meet a wider community of hoop lovers, teach new people and also provide hoops to lots of happy little people and also a few adults. Much joy to you all with your hoops!

I love making the hoops, playing with colour and form. It's been great to have some repeat customers, whose children have been having so much fun with the hoops they've come back for more and passed onto others.

No one has yet bought a collapsible hoop though! I will included a video demo of my twisty, fold up travel hoops soon.

I've met people who have told me other places where you can learn hooping in Melbourne. Puzzle Dust circus is one. There's also a new mothers one based in Thornbury as well. I look forward to checking them out further.

I am off to Japan for the next 4 weeks and will be back in time to go to Rainbow Serpent festival where not only will there be a super hooper from Boston, I also will be running the hoop jam once again.

Until then - have a great silly season. xxx

Friday, November 6, 2009

CERES Markets

I am selling hoops at CERES markets every Saturday until 13th Dec this year! Lot's of hoops for all people plus travel hoops that fold up!
Get down to CERES market every Saturday for the handmade goods market from 8.30am - 2pm.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Circus Oz and other October news

Hey web universe. Well I went to the Circus Oz hoop spring session. The instructor Leigh was really good and I'd recommend learning from her for sure. Not like she hasn't performed for Cirque de Soliel and stuff!LOL. She definitely comes from a gymnastics background with the way she moves her body and some of the neat little tricks she taught us. Pleasant and with a huge repertoire of tricks I certainly tightened up a few things for me in regards to my basic hooping and just more thought into the look of it. Also I'm now heaps better at tosses and getting better wrist movements and control.
My camera is on the fritz so was a battle to get a few shots. Here is Leigh though.

It was great to be in the Circus Oz wharehouse in Port Melbourne. So much space (something I lack in 1 bed apt) with people practicing aerial and sky ballet around you. A walk on the beach on the way there from the tram. Leigh also asked me to put my ipod on for the music so I got to hoop to my favourite jams. sweet.
Circus oz have a full term of hooping happening at the moment but it clashes with my Japanese lessons. *sigh*
Oh well maybe next year!
Here 's a picture of Leigh's super whippy sparkly hoops. On our last lesson she came in straight from a photo shoot job. I love making hoops and know where to get the special tubing for them. I hope to make some soon though will have to figure a way to join.

I am actually going to be starting up a Market stall at CERES in Brunswick every saturday from next weekend (31st Oct). I have a bunch of beautiful tape and have created an assortment of glittery, grippy and vinyl delights. They all have names like the "Funky Pineapple" "Cloud Dancer" "The Grand Pharoah" and "Candy raver". I love making hoops, their colour personality speaks to my creative side. AND JOY OF JOYS!!!! I bought some 20mm tubing (3/4inch for those imperialists) and it had a smaller bore and thicker walls to the tubing allowing me to finally make COLLAPSIBLE HOOPS.
I'll post more on this next week with photo's from the husbands camera as mine hasn't been the same since it fell in the sink a few months ago.

Monday, September 21, 2009

in hooping news ... and the Northcote festival!

Well I have been regularly doing hooping twice a week. Spending a good 2 hours or so and really cutting loose, experimenting, playing. It's been great. Combined with yoga 3 times a week I am finding myself exhausted at the end of each day yet happy to be finally committing to the 2 things that I love. I hope to get strong, svelt and calm from both practices, with the goal of being a hula hoop teacher next year and a yoga instructor the year after. This journey I find myself on is full of so many suprises about myself. It is liberating.
Well not stopping - Circus Oz have a short hula hoop class on for the next 2 wednesdays so I'm off to check it out. I'm hoping to start making some splits with hoops from this short intensive. Circus Oz are also offering a longer hula hoop course for a whole term, but unfortunately it clashes with my Japanese language class.
I've also been reading a book - "The true History of The Hula Hoop - a novel" By Judith Lanigan. It's a good read - 2 stories told concurrently about circus performance, peppered with facts about the hula hoop.

In party news - had a great time as always at the High Vibes Festival that happens annually in Northcote. I always have such a great day there. Northcote is about 20 mins out of the city of Melbourne and has a funky community vibe going on as well as being a hub of the indy music scene in melbs. HIgh Vibes is full of great music, beautiful, funky people, heaps of gorgeous dogs and cool kids. Of course we mainly spent our time at the dance stage to watch some of our friends play - but as it was attached to the Northcote Social Club I caught a couple of bands. First was an electronic dub band with a big double bass and live singer called Miso. The 2nd was so fun - they're called the Woo Hoo Review - gypsy, balkan, twenties jazz type music. Infectious and so tight. Loved them.

Here's some pics from the day - if you're ever around when it's on - it's so worthwhile to check out.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Spring cleanse!

The jasmine is blooming and perfumes the air. The mornings are bright and sunny and that indefinable quality of the sky and air are present and MY favourite - the days are getting longer!!!! SPRING!!!!!

Here it is Spring again and this spring is my hooping and yoga cleanse season. I am dedicating myself to a better way of life that calls me. This time I am stepping up.I know I can do this. I allow myself to suceed! I am sloughing off the old, reaching out for a better way of living for myself. I am spring bud, clean and new ready to flourish in the sun!
Inspired by myself hooping it up at the beach last weekend at Wye River and the goodness at the recent bootcamp month at

here from the Queen of hoops is some advice on setting up a practice Cristabel Zamor

off to yoga now.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

melbourne bar fun

I know it's been a while. Shocking. Where are all my high principles of being suching a diligent blogger? Between work & home emails and then facebook, the time gets away. In Hooping news - has been happening for me mainly in the living room and I am excited about working on a project to get some collapsible hoops happening. More on that later.

Melbourne in winter seems to say - let's go snuggle up in all the amazing bars and pubs on offer. Here is an adventure on the 79 tram I had one night with Reuben. The 79 tram is one of the old style, wooden floor trams that clatters it's way from Carlisle st in East St Kilda to Victoria st in North Richmond. It started when we went to visit Reuben's cousin who just had brand new baby Bi'lal! He is a gorgeous little baby who was super snuggly and sweet. Those guys live in East St Kilda , so when we left we decided to have a beverage at the Local Taphouse

We then caught the said 79 tram up Chapel st to Richmond where we decided to treat ourselves to a drink at one of Melbourne's top, award winning bars - Der Raum!
It was expensive, yes, but - Oh. My. God. BEST margarita ever!
I love margarita's. They are MY signature drink. They are also my achilles heel because I can't stop once I've begun my lime fiesta fun. I always tend to judge a place on how well they can do their margarita. At Der Raum, mine came served with a glass of sea foam for salt, (yes actual salty foam) an eye dropper of fresh lime juice to adjust personal sour preference and the main drink came in like a soda siphon that gently froze the drink as I squeezed it out of the siphon. Amazing. And top grade tequila of course. Der Raum is famous for it's amazing mixology, rare and top shelf alcohol and all the bottles hanging from the ceiling on occy straps! Excuse the blurry photo but I had no stand for the candle mode it was in.

After that we went to the new tiki bar up the road. Lovely space and though their Margarita was good - it just couldn't beat the one I had at Der Raum. I'd love to have a go DJing at the Tiki bar though. Break out the cocktail tunes and the hoop! It'd be a hoot!

Back on the 79 tram we went to head to Victoria st in Nth Richmond, which is a big Vietnamese area full of yummy restaurants. We went to meet our friend Sandy first for some drinks at the Vic Bar before heading off to eat at Minh Minh

As you can see it all got a bit messy - the rest of the night is a blur with many more bars visited and my camera ended up in the sink at one stage. Thank goodness it works still! Melbourne has so many great bars and restaurants. This is just a little adventure in that big playground.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Hoop Jam in Port Melbourne this Sunday

That Girl is doing a jam in Port Melbourne over the next few weeks. Here is what she had to say:

"The following dates and times for hula hoop jams are confirmed:

29/3, 26/4, 31/5, 28/6

That's the last Sunday of every month at 3pm to 4.30pm, at Port Melbourne Neighbourhood House, cnr Liardet and Nott Sts - entry via Liardet St.

Now, there will be 2 tiers of payment: Those that want to just get together and jam and swap tricks, and those who would like more personalised lessons. Makes it tricky, I know, but I need to ensure that the venue costs are covered (we're doing venue hire as we never know whether it will rain or not).

Cost will likely be:

Jam contribution (goes towards hire and admin): $10
Personalised Lessons: $17

I will be unable to make the last 2 dates as I am away on tour in Canada, BUT I have several amazing teachers lined up for those sessions, as long as people will be there for them. So... I will need confirmation a week before each one, to ensure numbers. Please rsvp back to me via email as soon as possible for the first one (sunday week). I am excited about these jams and think they'll be heaps of fun!"

I haven't picked up the hoop in quite a few weeks. This is a good opportunity for me to get back into it.

I ordered a heap of hula hoop connectors from the USA in both 1" and 3/4" connectors. I thought I'd just go for it but they are 1 mm to smallinside the tubing!
**&#% AAArgh!!!!!!

I think it's the imperial to metric conversion with the poly tubing out here. I've decided to try and find a plastics moulder for prototypes and see if I can get some made up to fit the polytubing here.

Friday, March 20, 2009

W.A. birthday fun

Well with cheap flights to Perth snagged for our birthday's last December, Reuben and I flew over to the most isolated city on earth. Perth.
Wow it's so clean and spacious. The beaches and the skies are just amazing. It's a great place for those who love an outdoor lifestyle.
The beautiful Swan River was out the front of our hotel room and as the sun rose behind it the grass field that was on the river bank was filled with screaming, tumbling, mischievious corella parrots. With the 2 hour time difference between the East and West Oz - i decided to get up and have a hula hoop with them on my birthday! They all flew away on my approach though. so much for their bluster.

My birthday is on the 7th while Reuben's is on the 6th. I bought us a scuba dive with in the shark tank with grey nurse sharks, manta rays and turtles plus some very curious fish. It was great. I had a little turtle try to bite my head. This all happened at AQWA.

We spent time in Fremantle with our wonderful friend Dave who has just sold the cafe he created there called Moore in an art gallery. He is starting a new cafe in Fremantle soon.
Our absolutley favourite time was spent down south though in the Margaret River region famous for it's wineries and beaches - for a bloody good reason. They're all amazing.
So many beautiful wineries, tasting wines and eating the food there. The region produces the best semillion, chardonny and sauv blancs. Trust me. I tasted quite a few. I ordered a crate!
The beaches were just pristine and such a beautiful blue. Unlike Melbourne, they were also at a temperature of the most lovely unlike our Southern oceans direct from the Antarctic. Our favourite place was Yallingup beach. We will definitely stay there at the holiday park if we ever find ourselves in the region again. It's right on the beach and right near the local coffee man serving great coffee on a barista machine and homemade muffins out of the back of his van with the backdrop of cliffs and the beach. I'd love to attempt the drive from Melbourne along the Great Ocean road, through South Australia to get there to this region again.

We also dived on my Dad's old Navy Ship the HMAS Swan which has been especially gutted and sunk for divers. The blue of the water was just etheral.

A great trip.

Hooping at Crittenden

Well I've been away on hols for a bit - but more on that later. Let's catch up on the hooping that's happened. Eric Powelland Carl Cox get together every February towards the end of the month and put on their mobile disco at their friends winery on the Mornington Peninsula called Crittenden. It's always a fun day - really casual and the guys just play great old skool tunes from the 70's, 80's and 90's, club, funk and soul classics. This year Eric asked me to bring my hoops to add to the fun and they were a total hit. I even had Danni Minogue who was there, hooping! But no one took a photo as it was quite early on in the piece. I think she's been doing some music with Carl Cox.
The kids, Mum's and even Eric got into the hoop. They were going all day. I love the joy they bring to people. It was a heap of fun - though I lost quite a few hoops. Oh well - I hope they're loved wherever they are.

That's me hooping

Eric Powell hooping it up - he was great!

Here is my friend Scotty getting his photo taken with Danni Minogue!

Karly showing how it's done.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Addi's flyer for classes in Melbs

Hula Hoop Classes!

Learn how spin hoops on the hand, waist, neck, foot and knees. A great way to keep fit, enhance co-ordination and most importantly have fun!

When: Saturdays starting 14th Feb 3:30pm-5pm.

Cost: $8.00 (Cash only please)


Art of Self Defence Australia

77-79 Whitehorse Rd

Blackburn VIC 3130

For more details contact Addie Pinelli


Sunday, February 22, 2009

classes around for Melbourne & Ozzie hoopers

If you are in Melbourne and can get to Blackburn on Saturday's, a graduate of NICA - Addy - will be doing a casual hula hoop class at the Australian School of Defence 77-79 Whitehorse rd, Blackburn 3.30-5pm for $8.
 I work on Saturday's so will not be able to make it unfortunately. But i have signed up to Safire's online intermediate course! Safire just won a hoopie for best hoop teacher this year. She has developed a whole range of on line and ipod downloadable hoop courses. I love having the option of being able to go to the park with a tute on my ipod. 
And finally if you are in or can get to Sydney - this is the lady to check out. I hope to do some intermediate training with her in April this year - Bunny Hoop Star has a range of course going this summer. 

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Rainbow wrap up

Well back from another Rainbow Serpent Festival dusty but proud that I took it easy and had fun. 
Best moments 1. - having Roo make up fresh Capriniah's on the hillside carpeted in purple flowers. It was like a meadow dream.  Every time he shook the cocktail mixer full of ice we had a new visitor to the blanket. Perched in the setting sun on a hillside of purple flowers we listened to Bluetech work his musical magic. Purrrfect.
The other highlight - 2. the hula hoop workshop hosted by moi of course! So many people hooping. I looked up at one stage and there were just people hooping everywhere! I especially loved the Irish girl who was hooping for 30 mins non stop who couldn't believe she had a hoop up. "It's a mistake" she'd cry! "It just happened and now I can't stop!"   She was so dissapointed when I had to take the hoop.  Another mention to the other lovely ladies I met - Jo the Canadian girl - a new convert and Katie from Brisbane who I am sure I have met before or will meet again. A connection was felt. Happy hoop dreams to you both.  
A big thanks to the friends who supported as well - To Simon the juggernaut of hooping. He loves it! Rock on Si.  Jo who started that day in her 80's outfit and was juggling hand and waist by the end of the hour.  To Sandy who tried and tried and then got it. Determined is your new call sign. And to all my other compadre's who have hooped it up and have supported this new passion of mine. Nice work Ninja's!
 On a personal note it was an interesting journey. I think I definitely love to teach and facilitate hooping rather than perform. I felt to much on display when hooping and couldn't relax with it on the dance floor. I prefer my own space and music with the hoop I guess. 
A few of the stalls had hoops for sale. Some were really big & thick and wrapped in actual fabric with basic coloured electrical tape. I think mine are certainly more colourful and better gripped with the range of vinyl colours and gaffer tape from identi-tape. But then I will always love my own babies more! I'll do a post soon on how to make your own hoops in Oz. I find it's a bit different than the USA or UK. 
Hope everyone had a great time at Rainbow - thank goodness the weather was kind and not this 40 deg celcius week we've got now. Much love to all the new and old friends found on the floor. 

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Welcome to Bourne Hooping, a hooping spot for Melbourne hoopers.
I intend to post photo's, news and musings here.
You can also order custom made hula hoops from me as well.
Contact on