Saturday, October 24, 2009

Circus Oz and other October news

Hey web universe. Well I went to the Circus Oz hoop spring session. The instructor Leigh was really good and I'd recommend learning from her for sure. Not like she hasn't performed for Cirque de Soliel and stuff!LOL. She definitely comes from a gymnastics background with the way she moves her body and some of the neat little tricks she taught us. Pleasant and with a huge repertoire of tricks I certainly tightened up a few things for me in regards to my basic hooping and just more thought into the look of it. Also I'm now heaps better at tosses and getting better wrist movements and control.
My camera is on the fritz so was a battle to get a few shots. Here is Leigh though.

It was great to be in the Circus Oz wharehouse in Port Melbourne. So much space (something I lack in 1 bed apt) with people practicing aerial and sky ballet around you. A walk on the beach on the way there from the tram. Leigh also asked me to put my ipod on for the music so I got to hoop to my favourite jams. sweet.
Circus oz have a full term of hooping happening at the moment but it clashes with my Japanese lessons. *sigh*
Oh well maybe next year!
Here 's a picture of Leigh's super whippy sparkly hoops. On our last lesson she came in straight from a photo shoot job. I love making hoops and know where to get the special tubing for them. I hope to make some soon though will have to figure a way to join.

I am actually going to be starting up a Market stall at CERES in Brunswick every saturday from next weekend (31st Oct). I have a bunch of beautiful tape and have created an assortment of glittery, grippy and vinyl delights. They all have names like the "Funky Pineapple" "Cloud Dancer" "The Grand Pharoah" and "Candy raver". I love making hoops, their colour personality speaks to my creative side. AND JOY OF JOYS!!!! I bought some 20mm tubing (3/4inch for those imperialists) and it had a smaller bore and thicker walls to the tubing allowing me to finally make COLLAPSIBLE HOOPS.
I'll post more on this next week with photo's from the husbands camera as mine hasn't been the same since it fell in the sink a few months ago.