Thursday, January 29, 2009

Rainbow wrap up

Well back from another Rainbow Serpent Festival dusty but proud that I took it easy and had fun. 
Best moments 1. - having Roo make up fresh Capriniah's on the hillside carpeted in purple flowers. It was like a meadow dream.  Every time he shook the cocktail mixer full of ice we had a new visitor to the blanket. Perched in the setting sun on a hillside of purple flowers we listened to Bluetech work his musical magic. Purrrfect.
The other highlight - 2. the hula hoop workshop hosted by moi of course! So many people hooping. I looked up at one stage and there were just people hooping everywhere! I especially loved the Irish girl who was hooping for 30 mins non stop who couldn't believe she had a hoop up. "It's a mistake" she'd cry! "It just happened and now I can't stop!"   She was so dissapointed when I had to take the hoop.  Another mention to the other lovely ladies I met - Jo the Canadian girl - a new convert and Katie from Brisbane who I am sure I have met before or will meet again. A connection was felt. Happy hoop dreams to you both.  
A big thanks to the friends who supported as well - To Simon the juggernaut of hooping. He loves it! Rock on Si.  Jo who started that day in her 80's outfit and was juggling hand and waist by the end of the hour.  To Sandy who tried and tried and then got it. Determined is your new call sign. And to all my other compadre's who have hooped it up and have supported this new passion of mine. Nice work Ninja's!
 On a personal note it was an interesting journey. I think I definitely love to teach and facilitate hooping rather than perform. I felt to much on display when hooping and couldn't relax with it on the dance floor. I prefer my own space and music with the hoop I guess. 
A few of the stalls had hoops for sale. Some were really big & thick and wrapped in actual fabric with basic coloured electrical tape. I think mine are certainly more colourful and better gripped with the range of vinyl colours and gaffer tape from identi-tape. But then I will always love my own babies more! I'll do a post soon on how to make your own hoops in Oz. I find it's a bit different than the USA or UK. 
Hope everyone had a great time at Rainbow - thank goodness the weather was kind and not this 40 deg celcius week we've got now. Much love to all the new and old friends found on the floor. 

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Welcome to Bourne Hooping, a hooping spot for Melbourne hoopers.
I intend to post photo's, news and musings here.
You can also order custom made hula hoops from me as well.
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