Monday, February 23, 2009

Addi's flyer for classes in Melbs

Hula Hoop Classes!

Learn how spin hoops on the hand, waist, neck, foot and knees. A great way to keep fit, enhance co-ordination and most importantly have fun!

When: Saturdays starting 14th Feb 3:30pm-5pm.

Cost: $8.00 (Cash only please)


Art of Self Defence Australia

77-79 Whitehorse Rd

Blackburn VIC 3130

For more details contact Addie Pinelli


Sunday, February 22, 2009

classes around for Melbourne & Ozzie hoopers

If you are in Melbourne and can get to Blackburn on Saturday's, a graduate of NICA - Addy - will be doing a casual hula hoop class at the Australian School of Defence 77-79 Whitehorse rd, Blackburn 3.30-5pm for $8.
 I work on Saturday's so will not be able to make it unfortunately. But i have signed up to Safire's online intermediate course! Safire just won a hoopie for best hoop teacher this year. She has developed a whole range of on line and ipod downloadable hoop courses. I love having the option of being able to go to the park with a tute on my ipod. 
And finally if you are in or can get to Sydney - this is the lady to check out. I hope to do some intermediate training with her in April this year - Bunny Hoop Star has a range of course going this summer.